Formal Epistemology, Evidence-based Belief Revision, Multi-agent Systems, Dynamic Epistemic Logic, Justification Logic, Epistemic Logic, Modal Logic
Postdoctoral Researcher (1/2012–12/2014)
Institute for Logic, Language and Computation
University of Amsterdam
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Visiting/Honorary Postdoctoral Fellow (2/2011–9/2014)
Department of Philosophy
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, Canada

Postdoctoral Researcher (2/2009–1/2011)
Faculty of Philosophy
University of Groningen
Groningen, The Netherlands
Works in Progress
  • (with Paul Egré and Paul Marty) Knowledge, Justification, and Reason-Based Belief. Manuscript, November 2014.
Some Published Works (for a full list, see: CV)
  • (with Joshua Sack and Audrey Yap) Logics of Temporal-Epistemic Actions. E-print 1411.6279v1,, November 2014. arXiv:1411.6279v1 [cs.LO].
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  • Dynamic Epistemic Logic with Justification. PhD thesis, The City University of New York, 2008.
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    Note: superseded by Information and Computation version (above, same title).
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